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Squares and Fountains

When walking through the streets of Rome it’s impossible to avoid its numerous fountains.

To take in the Roman vibe a stroll through alleyways and the squares is a must. Also to sample the local ice-cream and coffee.


Not to be missed

The Spanish Square with its stairway leading up to the church of the holy Trinity is by far the most famous square in Rome, the busy streets located at the bottom, the world famous Via Condotti amongst them are also quaint.

The Trevi Fountain, where every traveler toss his coin hoping to come back to the Eternal City, was completed in the 1700’s as the finishing point of the roman aqueduct of the Virgin Waters.

Campo de’ Fiori with its open air market is a sight to see, Along the kiosks selling fresh fruit, vegetables and spices, the towering statue of Giordano Bruno, burnt alive at the stake in 1600 in this very square.

Piazza Navona, formerly a stadium built by the emperor Domitian for athletics. Today the fountain of the four rivers by Lorenzo Bernini lies in the middle, commissioned by Pope Innocent X is overwhelmed by the façade of the church of Saint Agnes, on the outside, via dei Coronari with its antique shops and one of the talking statues of Rome: the Pasquino used by the Romans to express their discontent.